PPC Marketing / Advertisement

Pay-per-click, or PPC for short, is an online marketing model under which the advertisers pay up a cost every time their ads get clicked. In simple words, you can say that through PPC marketing, you are actually purchasing the visits to your website, instead of organically securing those visits. It is an estimate that the visitors coming on your website through PPC marketing are 50% more probable to opt for your products/services as compared to the visitors secured organically.

How our PPC Marketing Services are profitable for your business?

  • Our PPC marketing team will help you to put your business’ ads where it is relevant and matters the most. We make sure of this by conducting thorough research on demographics, keywords, and interests thereby ensuring that your business secures real leads with a high conversion rate.
  • We assist you in bidding for the key-terms that are being actively searched by the people. When you bid for the highly-searched key-terms, you don’t have to wait for long before witnessing your business coming up on the top of search engine results.
  • Our PPC marketing services are flexible. You can set up a budget initially, however, you have the power to adjust the same whenever you want. If you find that some PPC campaigns are not performing as per your expectations, simply turn them off and concentrate your budget on the ones that are doing well. Moreover, depending upon the trends, there’s always an option to alter the keywords.
  • Since you are only paying for clicks, effective PPC marketing strategies save you a ton of money. You will be getting real and relevant leads on your website thereby ensuring a high conversion rate and a soaring ROI.

What do we do?

Google AdWords Management

As you might know, Google AdWords is the advertising system belonging to Google in which you require bidding on certain keywords for making your clickable business’ ads come up in Google’s search results. Through our Google AdWords Management services, we assist you in bidding for high performing keywords related to the products/services that your business is offering. Google AdWords tools offer various kinds of advanced optimization techniques and we make sure that you get a day-to-day report on sales, leads, and ROI.

Google AdSense

Through Google AdSense, publishers earn money from the content that they post. Under our Google AdSense services, we will help you identify blogs/websites that post content related to the products/services that your business is offering. Your business’ ads will be displayed on the ad spaces made available by the blog owner on their pages. This way you will secure those leads for your business that are actually interested in your products/services. In return, you just have to pay a nominal fee to the blog owners.

Email Marketing

You might think that email marketing is not at all important. However, you need to think again as email marketing is essential for building long-lasting relationships with leads, prospects, current customers, and even the customers that your business had in the past. Through our email marketing services, you get a chance to talk directly with all of them at their convenient time without making it look like an invasion into their personal space.


Under our Remarketing services, we identify the customers or visitors who happen to revisit or come back to your website at periodic intervals. Post identification, we will assist you in resending your business’ ads and brand images to them. Since these visitors are actually coming on your website periodically, they are more likely to get impressed by the remarketing ads/brand images and will go for the purchase. In short, our remarketing services will assist you in enhancing leads and sales.

Affiliate Marketing

As a business, you can benefit greatly from affiliate marketing. Under our affiliate marketing services, we will identify affiliates suitable for promoting your business’ products/services. This will help you in constructing a highly cost-effective marketing methodology that assists in enhancing your business’ brand awareness and grow your audience.